g-Made TS01 Scale Shock Red 90mm (4)
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  • CNC machined Aluminum shock bodies and Delrin pistons
  • Red anodized shock bodies
  • Upper and lower shock ends includes blue anodized aluminum balls
  • Internal soft and hard type springs
  • 4.5mm thick shock shafts
  • Shock boots protect exposed shock shafts
  • Easy load shock seal assembly
  • Fits Gmade R1 rock buggy, 1/10 scale crawlers & trucks (such as Axial SCX-10, Tamiya High-Lift) 

Length: 90mm (Mounting hole to hole) 
Full Shaft Travel Range: 20mm 
Shock Body Diameter: 11mm 
Shaft Diameter: 4.5mm


  • (4) Red anodized aluminum shock bodies
  • (8) Soft and Hard type springs
  • (4) Shock Boots
  • (8) Shock absorber silicone O-ring
  • All necessary hardware to finish the shocks
  • Shock Grease
  • Item #: GMA20801
  • Manufacturer: Gmade
  • Condition: New

g-Made TS01 Scale Shock Red 90mm (4)

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