RC Surfer 3 Readyset, Lost Surfboards Edition
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The iconic RC surfer from Kyosho has been a standout in years past, offering RC enthusiasts a unique experience to add to your day at the beach, lake, or river. with the introduction of the RC Surfer 3, Kyosho continues to expand beyond conventional RC, and joins forces with Lost, the largest surfboard manufacturer in the United States. Matt "Mayhem" Biolos developed the unique graphics for the board,and combined with Kyosho's decades of experience in the category, it should prove to quite a ride. The RC Surfer 3 "Lost" edition features a self-righting "hull" design (surfboard) emblazoned with the unique Lost graphics developed by Mayhem for this special project.

New Surfer "Dude"

The goofy-footed surfer figure is a hollow, lightweight design that is attached to the surfboard with O-rings. The "soft" connection prevents damage during wipeouts, and it assists in "righting" the board to get you back into the action quickly without needing to retrieve a capsized surfboard and surfer.

Waterproof Surfboard with ...Lost Graphics

The board houses the drive system, which features an included Ni-MH battery pack and a basic wall charger is included to get you surfing as fast as you can install the AA size alkaline batteries (not included) in the handheld radio controller. The hatch for the board is fastened into place with stainless hardware, and sealed with O-rings to keep the gear inside the board as dry as possible.

Power System

A brushed 24T motor powers the Lost edition RC Surfer. It has the torque needed to get out ahead of the big waves quickly, and it's water cooled to allow the action to last as long as the battery pack. A waterproof Team Orion electronic speed controller features "super plug" connectors to match the included Team Orion 2200 mAh Ni-MH battery pack. The speed controller is also Li-Po compatible should you choose to upgrade for longer sessions and more performance. (Li-Po battery and compatible charger available separately.)

2.4GHz Syncro Radio

High-frequency radio systems are the standard in hobby-grade RC vehicles these days, and the ...Lost RC Surfer 3 is at the cutting edge with the included Syncro KT-231P 2.4 GHz radio. There are no radio channels to monitor or change. You simply turn on the radio and you're ready to surf at a moment's notice.

-45A Team Orion water-proof brushed ESC with super plug connectors(Compatible with Li-Po)
-Team Orion NiMh 2200mAh SCR battery and Kyosho wall charger
-Performance 24T motor with water cooling jacket
-Kyosho KS4031-06W water-proof servo
-New Syncro KT-231P 2.4GHz radio system


  • Joint project with famous ...Lost Surfboards
  • Fully factory-assembled
  • Water-proof surfboard protects electronics
  • New goofy-footed lightweight surfer figure
  • Unique rudder design protects prop in shallow waters
  • Stainless steel screws and O-rings seal the decklid


  • Scale: 1/4
  • Length: 26.0 in. (660mm)
  • Width: 6.3 in. (160mm)
  • Height: 12.8 in. (325mm)
  • Item #: KYO40108B
  • Manufacturer: Kyosho
  • Condition: New

RC Surfer 3 Readyset, Lost Surfboards Edition

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