Hot-Racing Ultimate Brass weight Knuckle portal Cover TRX4
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Hot Racing Super heavy brass TRX-4 steering knuckles portal Gear Cover (steering blocks) for the Traxxas TRX-4 Add weight to your crawler where it needs it - down low. Adds to each steering knuckle, If needed you can get the weight kit and add on some more weight.


- CNC machined solid brass - Four ways to add weight to vehicle for greater stability. - Three adjustable rotated position weight distribution for better performance - Direct replacement for factory plastic steering knuckles Portal Gear Cover


- Two (2) 72 g portal Gear Cover - Four (4) 21g add on front weight - Two (2) 47 g add on Back weight


- height: - weight 161g (5.68oz) each (with out hardware)


- Replaces part of factory plastic TRA8251 - One stock covers weigh in at around 3 g / 0.1 oz

  • Item #: TRXF21HA
  • Manufacturer: Hot-Racing
  • Condition: New

Hot-Racing Ultimate Brass weight Knuckle portal Cover TRX4

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