Helios RC 5200 3s 50c LiPo Battery Pack
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This pack is 5200 mAh and 50c. Packs will fit most applications needing a standard size stick pack (please check dimensions before ordering).

Shipping is included in the price.

Originally intended just for the Yeti XL and Traxxas Revo family, we found that they are perfect for high capacity 3s action. For the Yeti XL, be sure that you have installed the pinion shims before you run these packs. You will have so much power that you may or may not break things. With this much power, we can't guarantee anything. Be careful!!!


Typical capacity (mAh): 5200
Typical Voltage  (V): 11.1
Dimensions(L*W*H mm) : 134*42.8*26.7
Approx Weight (±15g): 335
Continuous Discharge Current: 50C(260A)
Burst Discharge Current: 100C(520A) <2s


Please note, batteries can only be shipped inside the USA and are shipped direct from Helios RC.

  • Item #: 52003s50xl
  • Manufacturer: Helios RC
  • Condition: New

Helios RC 5200 3s 50c LiPo Battery Pack

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