DSM Off-Road Universal Rear Pulley Bracket
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This is a universal rear pulley bracket that mounts to the rear bumper mounting location on your truck to use with one of our integrated kinetic recovery kit pulleys.

About This Item:

  • Fits most chassis bumper mounting locations
  • Includes M3x12 Stainless steel mounting screws (2 Pieces)
  • 3d printed in black




SKU: 6204
BARCODE: 686091994635



Warning: Our products are not toys and are not for children under 14 years old without adult supervision.
Recovery Gear Warning: Please use caution when performing recoveries as injury could result while under tension.

  • Item #: 6204
  • Manufacturer: DSM Off-Road
  • Condition: New

DSM Off-Road Universal Rear Pulley Bracket

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