DSM Off-Road Integrated Kinetic Winch (Universal Kit) Black
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I wanted a better yet affordable solution to electric winches that still functioned in the same way so I designed the Integrated Kinetic Winch. It's uses my proven 1/8" kinetic shock cord that adds up to 4 pounds of pull at full stretch. This kit takes it a step further and allows you to install it under the body for a sleek look. And as an added bonus, most of the time the hook will automatically reset itself after use!

Note: Some modifications may be required depending on your truck, bumpers and bumper mounts. This kit is for the more experienced truck builder and may require custom fabrication to install. Includes instructions for most popular vehicles.

See It In Action Here:



Check out our Video Vault for more videos on our Integrated Kinetic Winch.


Warning: Not for children under 14 years old.

  • Item #: DMO10063
  • Manufacturer: DSM Off-Road
  • Condition: New

DSM Off-Road Integrated Kinetic Winch (Universal Kit) Black

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