Boom SPARTA™ Adjustable Aluminum Links W/ Sway Bars System GM
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  • Extremely hard anodized aluminum. Stronger and lighter than equivalent standard cast or billet machined part.
  • The advantage of the sway bar system is to keep all four wheels on the group at all times. This upgrade replaces the front and rear lower links of any stock SCX10. The links have a stealth design so that all rocks slide smoothly around the links.

    The sway bar hides underneath the skid plate and won't easily catch any objects on the trail. The adjustable links are strengthed by three bolts to lock them in place.

    The set includes:

    • Aluminum Links (2pcs)
    • Stainless Steel sway bars (soft, medium, hard)
    • Hardware
    Adjusted Length Measurements:

    Front:  Min 119mm  Max 136mm
    Rear:   Min 130mm  Max 136mm
  • Color: Black
  • Product weight: 68.00 grams
  • Factory description: Axial SCX10 Aluminum Sway Bar - 1 Pc by Boom Racing
  • Manufactured by Boom Racing
  • Manufacturer number: BR233030
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  • Item #: BR233030GM
  • Manufacturer: Boom Racing
  • Condition: New

Boom SPARTA™ Adjustable Aluminum Links W/ Sway Bars System GM

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