BEEF TIPS - SCX10 STYLE - Aluminum
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100% pure BEEF! Beef Tips are the Beef Tubes version of stock shock spring retainers. Why do I need those, you ask? Because these can not fall off, that is why! These are not slotted like the stock plastic spring retainers which, if you are like us and run a soft shock setup, you constantly are losing while at a comp or out trailing. These are the Aluminum version and tip the scales at 7 grams.

Sold in sets of 4

*This version fit the stock Axial SCX10 Icon shocks and springs. They will also fit Traxxas Big Bore and Losi 4" crawler shocks, but are too small for the Traxxas and Losi springs.

  • Item #: BT006A
  • Manufacturer: Beef Tubes
  • Condition: New

BEEF TIPS - SCX10 STYLE - Aluminum

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