AR60 Beef Tubes - Brass
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What are AR60 Beef Tubes, you ask? They are an upgrade for the Axial AR60 axles housing that benefits the rig in several ways. They add weight down low to help the center of gravity on your rig, enabling you to run less rotating weight in the tires. They also "Beef" up the axle housing itself to help keep from snapping the housing in half. Another benefit is that they give you a solid metal mount for the c-hub screws, instead of the stock thin plastic that normally holds the c-hub screws and strips out easily.

Tubes come pre-drilled, tapped, and ready to install.

Tube weight = 1.5 o.z. per set.

Team KNK Hardware is included!

AR60 Beef Tubes are machined so that they will work with the stock plastic housing and the Vanquish Products Version 1 Aluminum Housing with modifications. (part # VPS04301)!!!



Installation Instructions/Tips

1. AR60 Beef Tubes are the easieast of any version to install. Simply remove the C - hubs, knuckle, or lock outs if you are installing Beef in the rear housing and slide the Beef Tubes into the housing. If you are installing Beef Tubes in the rear axle housing, you will need to file down the lip pictured below(Fig. 2). Do not totally remove the lip! File just enough off to allow the axle shaft to slide in.

Frequently ask questions.
1. "My long side Beef Tube will not go in." The machine tolerances on these tubes are extremely tight to allow for the most material possible in the Tube. Tight fit = Strength! I have noticed that the two screws in the fig. 1 below can also cause interference. Make sure that the screw AXA180 is not threaded in too far. Screw AXA464 may be slighty protruding through the housing. If so, remove it from the housing and simply sand/cut just enough off the end so it does not protrude through the housing and cause interference with the tube. It does take some force to get the Tube seated completly into the housing. A little lube may help. Also, due to the variations in the injection molding process, every housing is just slightly different. 





Fig. 1







Fig. 2



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AR60 Beef Tubes - Brass

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